15 Yard Dumpster
15 Yard Dumpster


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Size: 14' L x 7.5' W x 4.5' H

Days: Up to 7 Days

Rent Time Extension: $15 / day

Ton(s): 1.5 included

Extra Weight: $65 / ton


Dumpster Rental Rules & Tips


Fill Line - Please keep all items below the top line of the dumpster. If any items extend above the top line of the dumpster you can put the driver and other civilians at risk of flying debris on the roadway. If you leave debris above the top line of the dumpster you may incur a $40 overfill charge.


Dumpster placement - We will ask before drop off where you would like the bin placed. Please keep in mind the spacing of the dumpster, we have a truck and trailer that will need to fit into the area in front of the dumped bin. Also on pickup day please have the area around the bin clear for us to be able to maneuver for pickup.


Weight - Dumpsters do have weight limits, please be mindful of the contents you are putting inside of the dumpster. Please do not load with an excessive amount of dirt, stone, or bricks. If you have any questions feel free to ask. 


Prohibited items - 

  • Batteries.

  • All liquids including paint.

  • Antifreeze.

  • Appliances. 

  • Chemical Products.

  • Tires.

  • Propane Tanks.

  • Hazardous, biohazardous, and radioactive waste.

  • Gas or Oil.

  • Computers. 

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